Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Gaming Whenever You Want, Wherever You Want

Despite what you may have read, the Internet is a truly beautiful thing. Sure, it has its downsides in it still being a relatively new creation, but there is so much that it has to offer all of us, from music lovers to fashionistas to writers and everyone in between. And for all the gamers playing their favourite titles tirelessly, there is no better time to do exactly that. Why? Because the web allows playing whenever, wherever, and (really) however we want.

As noted previously on Re-bel Magazine, the bigger gaming companies—we're looking at you, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and Sega—have realized the fact that mobile gaming is truly where it's at these days. And that fact goes beyond the handheld consoles offered by two of those companies (the long line of Game Boys and DSs from Nintendo and Sony's own PSP series). Smartphones and tablets are so intelligent and well equipped that they now rival the capabilities of their game-specific brethren. To be fair, if you're looking for the best quality gaming experience, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better one than what's offered by the 3DS and, yes, even the PSP. But for those of us on the go and with little time to devote to games beyond a few minutes here and there? Hello, mobile gaming.

Those aforementioned gaming giants are well aware of the rise of casual gamers, an increasingly prominent group that's been documented over the past four years by The Atlantic and more recently Monster Energy Gaming. Their argument is essentially this: It's easier than ever to pick up and play a game—and they couldn't be more spot on. Seriously, how difficult is it to download an app and start playing a title such as Clash of Clans (for free) or a classic like Street Fighter II (for a small fee)? Not difficult at all, of course.

As that Street Fighter adaptation reflects—among many others featuring Sonic The Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, and others—gaming companies have clearly taken a liking to seeing their franchises spread elsewhere. That move essentially allows anyone with a smart device to play a game that previously required a console and a TV—or, looking further back, a trip to a gaming parlour!

The same goes for gamers who like their action to be more competitive. It's more intuitive than ever to fire up an app or browser game to compete with some of the best players in the world from your couch, on the bus, wherever. But the best part is that you don't have to necessarily worry about if anyone else is playing, because chances are very likely they will be. One of the world's first gaming sites, Inter casino, drives that point home here with the following quote: "Afraid there won't be room for you at the live games? No worries! Tables have guaranteed availability regardless of the time you log on, so you'll never miss out." They also mention that you don't have to worry about your ego taking a blow if (by chance) you're not exactly the best at poker or roulette, because "rookie mistakes are disguised by online anonymity." Of course the downside is that rubbing your victory in another player's face is taken out of the equation.

The time really is now for all you casual gamers looking to get your fix quickly and easily. It's been amazing to watch how an activity once seen as only for "nerds" and "loners" has grown to be the norm, and it's that progression that's allowed for some truly amazing new experiences. We can't wait to see what's next for gaming, especially in the realm of virtual reality.

‘Nothing Compares to Havana’ Experience/ Event


Authentic Cuban rum Havana Club is teaming up with legendary Soho restaurant Kettner’s to launch ‘Nothing Compares to Havana’ - a journey through the story and production of Havana Club, Cuban cocktails and Cuban Music. This immersive experience will run for a limited period only - from the 10th - 13th September.

Spread over the entire second floor of the renowned London restaurant; this informative and fun adventure will allow rum enthusiasts and novices alike to enjoy and learn more about Havana Club. There will also be an opportunity to learn about how the rum is made and get a flavour for Cuban culture, along with a specially designed Cuban tasting menu, created by Kettner’s head chef Yosef Edri.

Doors will open to ‘Nothing Compares to Havana’ at Kettner’s, Romilly Street, London, from 18.00 – 23.30 on the 10th- 13th September. Tickets for this immersive experience cost £18.00 and  include two Havana Club drinks. Tickets can be purchased from this link:

Monday, 8 September 2014

Bargain, Business, Broke- Liberty, Paul Smith, Saint Laurent- Card Holders

Bargain- Liberty always excels at print & this cardholder bares no exception. There's something strikingly beautiful here, the pattern works perfectly against the black leather with the dazzling blue drawing you in.- £65-

Business- This black leather embossed Paul Smith wallet with subtle striking accents of neon perfectly embodies the quirkiness of the brand, it has character without being too outlandish  -£110-

 Broke- Unconventional sleek & slick gold monogrammed Saint Laurent zip up wallet with five card holding spaces-

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Yo Sushi (Review)

Yo Sushi

We dined at the Camden Branch, located a few seconds away from the bustling Camden high street and market.

I love the simple concept of the revolver belt and different coloured plates that translate to different prices. The menu with pictures and how calling the waiter is simple.
love this as you won't be nagged or conversation interrupted. By simply pressing the button to order hot food that's made freshly in front of you, in the open plan kitchen.


Oishii Bun is a new addition to the menu, my favourite of the four (duck, chicken, mushroom, mackerel) had to be the chicken. Served in a sweet, light bun it tasted like a delicious bite sized chicken Burger

Firecracker Chicken Rice: nicely yet lightly spiced with tender chicken bites and variety of vegetables, it's a compact and cute dish that settles yet doesn't fill the stomach.

There's a few things that make Yo Sushi, Yo Sushi and all in all a super relaxed space. Self serving plays a large part in the experience from selecting your own plates and essentially curating your own meal, refilling your own water and calling the waiter when you wish.