Thursday, 7 August 2014

Yo Sushi (Review)

Yo Sushi

We dined at the Camden Branch, located a few seconds away from the bustling Camden high street and market.

I love the simple concept of the revolver belt and different coloured plates that translate to different prices. The menu with pictures and how calling the waiter is simple.
love this as you won't be nagged or conversation interrupted. By simply pressing the button to order hot food that's made freshly in front of you, in the open plan kitchen.


Oishii Bun is a new addition to the menu, my favourite of the four (duck, chicken, mushroom, mackerel) had to be the chicken. Served in a sweet, light bun it tasted like a delicious bite sized chicken Burger

Firecracker Chicken Rice: nicely yet lightly spiced with tender chicken bites and variety of vegetables, it's a compact and cute dish that settles yet doesn't fill the stomach.

There's a few things that make Yo Sushi, Yo Sushi and all in all a super relaxed space. Self serving plays a large part in the experience from selecting your own plates and essentially curating your own meal, refilling your own water and calling the waiter when you wish.


Monday, 28 July 2014

Travel- Brighton


Seeing Brighton on Sugar Rush and with friends driving there every now and again, it's always served as the spot to go to that's away yet not too far away. This was the case on this occasion & with Liam being from Littlehampton it was like a home away from home for him. 


We stayed at The Lime House, a really cute space, that essentially was like a studio apartment. Loud, colorful & quirky the environment was fun. The room overlooked gardens and the sea and beach was also in view. 3.5/5


Brighton has a pretty decent shopping center but it's not really H&M & Zara I was looking for. I wanted to find something more unique and pieces not available here, there and everywhere. We stumbled on a few charity shops and Thrift stores that are actually thrift stores not upmarket second hand boutiques like the likes of what greets you so often in London. There was a cute one a stones throw from where we was staying that offered an assortment of garments. Nothing hardly exceeded £10 and the 50p bargain bin had a few pieces that ended up in my wardrobe.


Indian summer

Loved the menu which gave the bios of those involved in the venture. Dish of the day: 'Indian Summer' was a favorite served with white rice and small separate dishes of chicken, Dahl and lamb, the baby potatoes were a nice addition with the skin seasoned with spring onions.Indian Summer has a different take on food that's exciting to see such as the black chicken and the crumbed tuna 2.5/5

La choza

A humble little place where you can dine in or outdoors. As it was a nice day we opted to sit outside in the sun. A simple and effective concept where you choose your base from tacos, burrito, quesadilla, tostadas or burrito bowl. we started off with the Calamari which was tender, juicy & crisply battered with a slight kick. For the mains I chose the Quesadilla very Cheesy and packed with succulent prawns the base was light & overall the dish was a balanced delight. To drink I selected. The passion fruit margarita Really fresh and fruity hardly a hint of the alcoholic taste. A superb place, fast service, polite staff and brilliant food. 4/5

Things to do-

We couldn't cram it all in but the few things we did do were rather enjoyable. Royal Pavilion- Once a royal residence, Liam truly enjoys going around castles and palaces and it's quite interesting to see how the royal & rich lived.  Aquarium- Sea life is largely neglected and seldom seen. There's so many beautiful and magnificent creatures that inhabit the worlds oceans and its great to be reminded of that. Brighton Wheel-  It was great to see the sea from up high and thankfully on such a nice day. 3.5/5


It's always great to go places where there's things to see and do and Brighton offers that easily as well as the option to relax and chill out. There's a variation of activities from a stroll/lounge on the beach, shopping or dining etc. An hour on train and two on the coach it's not too far from London, serving as a sunny seaside escape. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

St Judes Fabrics

St. Judes fabrics is quite cute and works with their own set of artists/ designers to create a range of fabrics primarily for homeware yet can be applied to other uses. The one that caught my eye seemed to be ' Lionheart' by Ed Kluz

Jamaica Rum Tings 2/8/14

To celebrate Jamaica's independence, the countries premium rum brand Wray & Nephew are throwing a party that's not to be missed. With a packed line up boasting the likes of Goldie & Rodney P, it's set to set the place on fire.