Monday, 16 February 2015



We sat downstairs, Skylights and the bar to the left adorned with a fish tank and to the right partial views of the kitchen. Quiet at first (6pm) but mid meal (7:30) it was busy and bustling with every table in sight booked which is always a good sign. 
Highlights included: 

Prawn curd cheung fun- loved the play of textures with the soft dumpling outer shell and then the fried bean curd inner layer and then once again with the tender prawn

Scallop- quite meaty served with fish eggs adorning the top allowing for a slight crunch in the mouth. 

Chilli vodka- like a mild Bloody Mary that's slightly fizzy 

Selection Of macaroons was a treat, flavoursome, delicious and delectable with a large variety leaving you spoilt for choice

Located in the heart of London's Soho it's a great place for dinner and If you love fish Yautacha is definitely the place to go, they have a wide variety of seafood dishes that's inventive both visually and taste wise. 3/5 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

GHD Rose Gold

Ghd rose gold- sleek, slick and super fast they warm up in mere seconds with a beep letting you know they're ready to go. I can waffle on but the simple fact is it's a quality product that once you upgrade from whatever you've got you'll know there's no going back 

Style Story ( Kenzo, Comme, Givenchy, Raf x Adidas)

Kenzo Jacket- the small circular logo's on each breast fall into the logo mania trend but aren't too prominent offering a nice balance and allowing the design of the jacket to speak more than it's brand. Two muted tones that play well off each other, the pockets are the stand out feature for me with the shape and effect adding a dash of modernity to the proceedings.

Comme De Gacon Play Shirt- A simple cotton white shirt with the signature cute play logo

Givenchy Shorts-I like the volume & the colour blocking it's simple yet effective adding statement without being too loud or too much.

Adidas by Raf Simons- I like the chunky coloured tri tone sole, the mesh and the light up strips, all in all, a distinctive stand out trainer 

Overall there's a variety of colour in the outfit, yet none is too bright or too bold. The overall vibe is Smart/ sports casual, the bomber isn't too casual or sporty and sits nicely in the middle, whilst the shirts relaxed fit and shape detracts from the smartness. There's a nice play on proportions, the Kenzo bomber isn't too puffy, the shirt isn't too fitted and has a relaxed fit yet isn't too loose, the shorts add volume that isn't dramatic then you have the platformed trainers that add height.  It doesn't scream or shout but says something distinctive all the same. 


Thursday, 12 February 2015

RE-BEL is hiring

Re-bel is hiring - Fashion Editor 

Do you want to join our team of independent, fashion forward, super chill and most importantly ultra talented individuals?  

Are you an independent, sassy bitch? Second to Beyonce and Madonna, Queens of the universe? 

Do you have a low tolerance for basicness and those that dwell in it

Do you enrich the world with your non-basic qualities? 

Do you know the difference between Cerulean and teale?

Do you know your Pucci from your Gucci, your Marni from Armarni? 

Do you die for Balmain? Do you die for Kim KardashianDo you die for sweet and sour sauce with your chips after a night out? Do you die?? Are you dead?

Can you be cunty, catty and sometimes downright cruel hunnaaaay

Can you deliver the perfect Air kiss? Make fun of your counterparts behind their back and then when she walks right by give, “ohhh darling, I’ve missed you. You look so thin – larve it. How are you? Tell me everything!”

Are you skilled in gracefully accepting bribes sweetie? A pair of Balenciaga's by Alexander Wang in exchange a post, feature and tweet?

Are you LIVINGGG dawwwling?

Do you have this innate ability to make interns, assistants and juniors cry with just. onelook? Perhaps your skills permit you to do so effortlessly? Without. even. blinking?

Well friends, if you've ever wanted to sit beside Anna in the league of Extraordinary Fashion Editors. You don’t want to miss this once in a never, never land opportunity!

If so, then Re-bel Magazine wants you!

Starting pay packages & benefits include:

Full salary with benefits
Fully serviced apartment in knightsbridge (with option to move into penthouse after 7 days)

Breakfast in bed every morning cooked by Heston & delivered by a Storm model of your choice
Driver + town car (or Bugatti if you’re slightly hood)
Unlimited wardrobe allowance 

To Apply please send an eight page cover letter and CV to: