GHD Rose Gold 

Ghd rose gold- sleek, slick and super fast they warm up in mere seconds with a beep letting you know they're ready to go. I can waffle on but the simple fact is it's a quality product that once you upgrade from whatever you've got you'll know there's no going back 

 Julians before and after

Julian wanted a change after 3 years of growing his hair out long. The inspiration I got for his "new do" was simply Julian himself. He works in fashion and has a strong sense of style which are two very important factors when deciding to give someone an "edgy" cut versus a "classic" haircut (business cut). He previously had his sides cut super-short to reduce bulk and 'puffiness' on the sides so I decided to accentuate it and shave the sides and to have the scalp show slightly. I wanted to give him more of a 90's heart throb haircut that had him push his hair back giving him a tousled style. By Glenn Ellis http://instagram.com/hairbyglenne

Oral B Trizone 5000 Limited Edition
The Trizone packs a powerful punch into a sleek/slick design, light, durable and easy to handle. Full of features with personal favorites being the wireless countdown timer/clock and the pressure sensor that alerts you when you're brushing too hard two things so often forgotten with manual toothbrushes or cheaper electronic ones is that over brushing is as dangerous as under brushing stripping away the teeth's enamel and brushing for the recommended two minutes helps maintain healthy gums and teeth. The Oral B Trizone is a worthy investment. 

Boss Hugo Boss 

 A refined scent perfect for any occasion, fruity with an oak base that's not overpowering helping the fragrance to maintain its freshness and not be too harsh making for a long lasting yet not lingering or overbearing scent.

Lacoste L12.12 Noir

Firstly before the fragrance itself the design and packing has to be admired, the patent black rounded square bottle with grooved sides fits perfectly in the hand and helps maintain grip, the fabric crocodile is a nice touch helping to reinforce the brands statement and identity. Now on to the smell clean yet not minimal, subtle but not boring, fruity without being feminine its a perfectly balanced scent crafted amazingly well.

Hugo Boss Red 

Hugo Boss does always seem to hit the right notes (pardon the pun) when it comes to creating fragrances a lot of effort and work goes in ( the bottle is heat sensitive reflecting the fragrances overall theme)  its evident in Hugo Red a warm yet chilled aroma creating an interesting conflict calmed by its fruity notes and amplified by the stronger and masculine scent of cedar wood causing for a sweet and subtle power play

Rihanna X Mac
This year has seen Rihanna venture into fashion with River Island and now sees the musician reach further into the world of beauty after her successful fragrances comes the debut collaboration with Mac a collection featuring a range of products from lipstick to blushes and eye shadows with signature packaging, Mac always aligns with an interesting range of individuals and has just got more so.

BodyShop Mango Eau De Toilette
Fresh & fast fix of a sweet fruity scent calm and cool captivating yet not over powering its light notes create a balance delicately harmonizing it's compact size allows for it be a perfect purse addition for touch ups 

Givenchy Lipstick

Coming in a diverse array of colors (17) suited for different skin tones and outfits, Givenchy latest lipstick looks good all round well packaged in Black leather with a silver embossed logo, a great addition to any collection 

Lacoste- Re:Fresh

With a patented time release technology that allows for the fragrance to continue refreshing itself on the skin for several hours after spray allowing for a lasting rich impact continuing throughout the day

Agent Provocateur Eau Provocateur 

Known for its sensuality Eau Provocateur  is a breezy & fresh fragrance fruity top notes softly rounded off an essence of Vanilla & Tonka bean which leaves for a subtle warmth

CK One Shock

After the wildly successful unisex CK one comes the youthful and masculine energetic CK Shock this time boys & girls get one each its refreshing, energizing & youthful with notes spice and tobacco.   

Marc Jacobs- Bang Bang- 

A new fragrance and an update to the first men's fragrance Bang's elegance comes in a fusion of woody and citrus notes of lemon packaged in the beautiful dented metal design revised in blue.

Dunhill Custom

 Packed in solid glass form which true to the name can bear the wearers name by being customised by Dunhill’s engraving service with top notes of English Pippin Apple & added elements of Spice and Cedar Wood Custom ensures a masculine  warmth.   

Marc Jacobs Lola Fragrance

Marc Jacobs summons forth a fusion of flowers and fruit and with a flirtatious and fun bottle design setting the tone for the seductively warming floral fruitiness in which Lola exudes.

Bodyshop Body butter duo

One of The Bodyshop's signatures, the body butter range, with its diverse range of scents and smells, the new duo range is a body butter divided into two in a twin pot with one side being the regular butter and the other side a richer cream for drier areas of the skin such as elbows and knees. Providing 24 hours of hydration and available in Sweet Pea, Floral Acai, Macadamia and Vanilla.  

Burberry Beauty

Burberry has been worn and championed by some of the worlds most beautiful men & women and now the British fashion powerhouse expands into the cosmetic market with a range that comes in sleek and slick packaging, amplifying the beauty of those who wear the brand in more ways than one.