Events & Nightlife

  London Aquarium  

I can honestly hold my hand up and say I've never been to the London Aquarium prior to this visit and really and truly I had no excuse. I'm an animal lover and south bank is my favorite place in the whole of London.

There's lots to do and see from stroking a star fish to observing jelly fishes illuminate showing off a spectrum of colors. There's plenty of weird, wonderful and beautiful animals with my favourite being the turtles there's something about it in the way it commands the space it inhabits moving through the water gracefully for a creature of its size.

Tickets start at £23.70 with children under 15 getting in for £18 also booking online and attending after 3pm are also worth looking into. Overall it's a fun filled day with so much to marvel at and be dazzled by a reminder of the sheer beauty in this world outside of our everyday existence

As One In The Park 

The sun was out and as were those on attendance. Although it was a festival with a main focus on gays it was beyond gender race or sexuality proving music unites and brings together a diverse range of individuals

The acts were good and got better as time progressed: Union J for newbies put on a good show, showcasing there vocal talent over a range of remixes and renditions

Connor Maynard brought a cool mellowness to proceedings covering Swedish House Mafia and his own hits from Vegas Girls to Turn Around

Katy B stole the show with a minimal amount of production she was able to get the crowd going, engaging with the audience and getting them to dance covering a selection of the late Aaliyah's tracks and her own music from her debut to the Danger mix tape and also her new track

Rita Ora's production was on point and we was probably seeing that of what those who went to see her on tour saw, from background visuals to the dance routines a lot of effort and thought had gone into it beyond just the festival, Ora sang her number one hits and lesser known album tracks and gave the crowd a preview of a new track from the next album

As one is something London needed and needs most prides are no longer just marches but mini festivals in their own right take Manchester and Brighton for example were as London is yet to charge and yet to perform at such levels as those mentioned As One isn't a pride but a place to celebrate individuality and sexuality for a first outing it was good and can only get bigger and better

Brutus Trimfit Illustration Launch 

British brand Brutus put on an exhibition to exhibit a project they've been working on for the past twelve months featuring a roll call of illustrators who used the trimfit white shirt as a canvas, the exhibition worked and was a rather exciting way of allowing focus on a re-emerging brand and emerging talent. Soho seemed like a perfect place and in an intimate enough space  allowed for a  great setting to view each piece up close and admire the work of the craftsmanship of the garment and the artwork on the shirt, food was served & drink was flowing,music pumping making for a enjoyable evening & event

Karaoke Box

More than just a bar that serves food & drink Karaoke Box offers a fun filled experience and night out doing other than the usual of drinking or eating. Located in Smithfields with outposts in Soho & Mayfair none of its venues are hard to get to with all centrally located.

The playlist is a diverse mixture of tunes from vintage show music to current pop charts we decided to blast one of our favorite pop stars Rihanna with her full albums on the jukebox there was a lot to choose from and we was spoilt. 

Food & Drink 

A wide range of cocktails helped take off the edge and pressure of performing in front of friends and having a merry sing a long the tipple of choice was Wray & Newphew and Coke and we choose a Ham & Mushroom Pizza & Chicken Strips which had to be the highlight zesty flavored bread crumbed  tender chicken pieces. 

Karaoke Box offers a fun night out with friends the private rooms allow for a fun time to be had and shared with each other without voyeurs or waiting to take the stage and makes for a great place for dates and mates.

Thorpe Park 

As is the law with attending certain places especially theme parks on a hot day go early or be prepared to wait, in most cases for up to an hour although I must say the suggested waiting times are just that,  suggestions. It seems the wait is never as long at most 50 turns into  30 & this gave us time to try rides that were less in demand such as The Samaruai which was a nice warm up and kicked off the thrill factor nicely it's not much of a challenge yet isn't exactly a walk in the park we was all expecting something akin to the child friendly Flying Fish (which was great for families with youngsters still not able to meet the guidelines and challenges of the top tier rides), both rides were experienced during our 1st half an hour where as we should have started with the Flying Fish and then moved on to Samaurai the order was in the reverse.

Our thoughts were to challenge the water rides, get wet and dry off sooner rather than later so our next experience was the slow climb for wet wet wet, the higher the stairs got the more aware you became of the height of the drop that from far just looked like an overgrown slide and once again we underestimated it. Fun and fast enough to entice you for more, wet yet not soaked which led us to take on the challenge of
Tidal wave which was over fastest than it began the drop was a managing feat and aftermath was a fun filled factor with consquiences of messed up hair and make up very much worth it.

Later on we decided to move on to the more challenging  rollacoasters so next was The Swarm a new edition for 2012, it was definitely the most intense to look at with the twist and turns enough to excite some whilst detur others as was the case in our party and also had me getting cold feet prior although afterwards it was one of if not my favourite of the day.  The balance was done nicely fear never over came the thrill and the twist, turns and somersaults were all manageable although I would still say it's not for the faint hearted. Saw was another highlight as we was plunged into darkness it allowed senses to heighten with laughter and props reminiscence of say a ghost train being more arlert and aware before the sheer drop helped add to the surprise in any event and just when it was believed to be over it had only begun. The play on senses is what makes the ride a unique yet eventful experience. Nemis Inferno was in my experience the least challenging of the main rolla's I went on it was interesting but it seemed to lack the main fear factor it's not for novices but could be used when I return as a warm up ride.

Thorpe Park is one of if not the best of UK Theme Parks with a wide range of activities from just relaxing on the man made beach, shopping at Voi, to dinning  at a selection of restaurants from healthy snacks to more known names such as KFC or Burger King. It's a fun filled day perfect for the adrenaline junkie or just a place to visit for a somewhat relaxed day with family or friends, several rides I would gladly revisit whilst others that I didn't have time to experience such as Stealth leave me wanting to return. Overall an enjoyable experience thats easy to get addicted to

Puma Yard

With several reasons to celebrate, Olympic spirits high with Jamaica's Usain Bolt and Puma ambassador who just happens to be the worlds fastest man. It seemed a perfect match of kindred spirits all coming together to celebrate Jamaican fever with 50 years Independence & what better way was there to celebrate then with a glass of the Islands best Wray & Nephew.

Wray Teamed up with Puma to launch a T-shirt competition where the winner received 60,000 in Jamaican dollars and the chance to get their t-shirt printed by Puma in a limited run ( pardon the pun).

I had a great time at Puma Yard, relaxing in the sun and eating Jerk Chicken & Rice washed down with Wray mixed with Ting and would like to thank Tea & Cake for the opportunity.