Seagate Wireless Plus 

I have always been a fan of Seagate products, when i spoke to them about some problems i was having with my work flow they told me about their new product which has been called the industries first wireless HDD.  This super fast sleek little gadget has a whopping 1TB of storage. Personally i like the fact that it can be wireless and easy to travel with. If your working/travelling on the go you can have it in your bag and be pulling things onto your laptop.

The product design is also great with its brushed chrome shell. In fact it has been recognised by the prestigious Innovations design and engineering awards. Its a little pricey, selling new for $199.99 but you pay for what you get!

No more worries about my data!

5/5 By Luke

Urbanears Humlan

Urbanears have to be one of my favorite head phone brands, from the vibrant colors and the ability to plug in a second pair of headphones into the Urbanears to share music/ sound, the latter feature coming in handy on many bus journeys and coach trips.

Humlan's are affordable (£39), lightweight & Durable with cord protecting the wires that so often mess up when coated in plastic on other brands. The key feature here is that the Humlan is washable the earpieces can be removed as can the headband allowing for a constantly fresh,  long lasting product.


Blackberry 10

First & foremost I have to say I'm a user and typing this said piece on a blackberry (9780 to be precise)  I've always found the qwerty keyboard a joy and of ease to use as is the platform in itself even if I must admit at times in comparison to say my friends I phones 3gs feels dated so against the 5s there's no debate yet I stuck with the brand as it suits me and my lifestyle not out of performance or due to cool edge.

The announcement of Blackberry 10 has been of interest for some time now with constant push backs and rumours and leaks it all seemed so far away for a company that was and is so often pillaged in the press and losing market grip (every other guardian piece is in a doomsday tone) so its been hard to remain optimistic yet all in all I know I'll be getting one for better or for worse, I've made my sacrifices of not being able to skype on the go or not having an instagram if all this can be rectified along with not always being left out when it comes to new apps or apps at all then I won't really have a problem.

It was only a matter of time before BBM the holy grail and sail of Blackberry's ship had to push itself forward the new Voice calls recently introduced to the older platforms have been a heaven sent, even if you can only call connected to Wifi which is fair game as it would eat into data and also eat into the phone carriers minutes and need for pricer bundles. up until now Blackberry had failed to integrate skype and so backwards was the brand that none of its recent models had a front facing camera all of this has been taken on-board and integrated into the new phones yet it does feel like a slap in the face for those who have been so loyal to the brand (myself included) to have to ditch our current handset in order to have any chance of a phone that is in line or league with the current market leaders.

There's all sorts of perks here such as the 16gb internal data with the capability of a memory card of up to 32gb storing all things on the phones internal memory has always been a dangerous game even with copious back ups, a removable battery also leaves room for carrying another and also the camera app which captures a whole burst of pictures allowing for the user to choose the best one in the seconds that have been shot is good, swiping across is akin to what the playbook used to have yet is more smooth
The Alicia Keys line up is well..... a gimmick and placing a celebrity at the head of a brand has never really enticed me to want to be apart of it or make it cool or credible and Alicia keys is far from the stylish or cool or an edgy artist they could have put at place someone more like Kelis, Pharell, Kanye, Kid Cudi, M.I.A could of worked better a niche player with a strong hold and coolness to them I mean how much has Lady Gaga really helped Polaroid break back into the game of a market it once dominated?

There is room for Blackberry as a business phone and there is room as a personal one and possibly they will release the lower end models running the platform in the coming months helping to secure and cement the large teenage and young adult market that they have at present. I'm interested to spend more time with the handset and get to grips with it a little better until then I won't judge to lightly or harshly,
There is already so much negative energy directed towards the brand I honestly want this to do well not just because I'm a user yet also to silence those who believe so much in the power of others for now all I can say is I'm impressed and that this seems to be a step in the right direction


I-Pod Touch 

After the whole anticipation from all quarters about the updated I-Phone it seems it ended up being nothing more than mutton dressed as lamb, not much has really been changed from its predecessor and it seems that   Apple simply rushed a product out to meet the X-mas demand none the less the dominance and hold Apple has over the market and their consumers it's bound to sell. Even so to me the clear winner and most interesting product wasn't their repackaged phone but it was the I-Pod Touch. Equipped with an A5 chip ( the same as 4S) its more faster & fluid than its predecessor and more beautiful to with a sleek and slim design it has everything the phone can offer just not the function of a phone (I-message, apps  siri, 5mp camera with a flash etc). With Whispers of an I-Pad mini running around to me it seems fruitless as this does basically all the I-Pad does at an affordable price of £250 and it would be hard to bring out a mini that competes with the Touch at the same price or lower.-
Score- 4.5/5

Blackberry 9790 

It's no secret that Blackberry have been playing catch up, yet as much as most Tech reviews and journalists love to pillage the once mighty brand I have no issue saying that despite the lack of apps and on the earlier handsets slow internet & performance across the board  they build pretty good decent smart phones with BBM message always a bonus and a mini social network within the platform. Most of those who are anti Blackberry switched off before Series 7 which is a shame as the current software is actually quite good. 

I've always been a fan of the Qwerty physical keyboard and although the key's on this bold are quite small once you become accustomed to using its an easy affair. The main difference here between the 9790 and it's predecessors is the touch screen, The screen is quite small yet is big enough for most things the touch function was fluid and fast enough., although it has no room for a touch keyboard or honestly need for it  you'll still find yourself using the screen for other opportunities like zooming in on pictures. 

There's no denying that the 9900 sits at the forefront of functionality with a faster processor & sharper screen yet the 9790 has the design and is quite frankly less bulky and more sexy clearly aimed at the middle market not the business consumer nor the teenager Curve buyer. The Phone has generous internal memory of 8GB and is capable of using an expandable SD card of up to 32GB which allows for generous amount of media and with the Battery lasting longer than previous models much more play. Videos play faster along with the music which I have always admired the brand for its quality, crispness and loudness when not only playing through loudspeaker yet through headphones.

I don't want to over glorify this product as much as it is great, it's never been about having the best on the market for me its about what fits into my life and what I like and that's what I like about Blackberry they're not the glossy market leader that everyone runs and follows they've been doing their own thing and improving from phone to phone and this is a big improvement. There's still a fare amount to go in terms of sitting safely along with the others in the market and a big thing for me personally is the lack of a front facing camera and no room at all for a Skype App not even for IM or simply voice calls. Internet is fast yet not up to the speeds of others yet I like how you can download from the web and it ends up directly on the device.

The Blackberry Bold 9790 is a beautiful phone small & light and packing a powerful performance, I can honestly say this has to be one of if not my favorite Blackberry's to date and I can't wait to see whats in store for the next series Score-4/5

Nike Fuelband

As of recent I've been amazed by the technology Nike has began to employ in its products, not just the ones for the athletes they sponsor but also the products that get a general release.

 The Nike Fuel Band caught my eye at the Nike Showroom its a sleek & futuristic looking product that wraps comfortably around the wrist, at first it could be mistaken for just a cool watch but there is so much more packed neatly in.

Created to track and record you're performances from a wide range of sports and day to day activity its fully capable to connect to your phone with Bluetooth capability or plug snugly into a USB port which can also double as charging the device.

The Fuel Band seems to be a product that shows the direction Nike is moving into beyond fashion the brand has always focused on performance and there is no other way to improve then to track and train and this helps beautifully, its not unsightly or distracting but an accessory that easily glides int every day life.


Nintendo 3DS

Now a few months into the market yet
not without its sceptics and setbacks
with many comparing it the doomed GBA
Micro, but with the price dropping
and new colours available in time for
the Christmas period it could put
the 3DS in the palms of many of its
predecessors’ supporters. 

What the
console lacked at launch seems to be
developing quite well with a strong
and impressive line up rolling out
over the coming months such as Mario
Kart, Mario 3D Land, Street Fighter,
Zelda Ocarina of Time and one that
most impressed me, Kid Icarus, using
the camera and scanning AR cards that
allow the cards characters to pop up on
screen, although you have no control
over the characters moves and battles
its a beautiful feature that could be
carried over into blockbusters like
say a 3DS Pokemon game. 

The 3DS is
yet to show off its full capabilities
but with beautiful graphics and
impressive depth of field Nintendo’s
newest console can only go from
strength to strength.


Blackberry 'Storm 2'

Blackberry Storm 2- Although the last storm was good, we expected great and a rival to the market leaders such as Apple & Android which with Google now a bigger player in the game & with the newly acquired Motorola it's waiting to see how they become not just a system but a producer. Blackberry steps up to the plate with the new Storm its slicker and slimmer and processes a lot faster including an internet server which is 40% faster than previous models, still allowing the user to flirt between touch screen and a physical keyboard this key feature is one of the successes its. Packed with features such as a 5-Mega pixel camera, 3.7 inch screen and the impressive app Wikitude.